The dirty kitchen is done

Putting a dirty kitchen is the sister’s plan but not sooner because of the other plans she has. The dirty kitchen is not their priority for now. But after what happen to their son, they decided to put the dirty kitchen on top of their list. Their son was accidentally burned by the boiled water because he grabs the table where their gas range placed. Good thing the burned is not severe, but still we brought the nephew to the hospital to make sure. After what had happened, the dirty kitchen came in first on their list.

The BIl measured the space they have at back of their house and make a plan on what would be the look of their dirty kitchen. They slowly buy the materials because they do not have budget yet. After three months of buying materials, the dirty kitchen is now ready to build. Last Sunday, the older brother helped the BIL in building their kitchen. It is just a simple one because it is only temporary. The sister’s dirty kitchen is really fine and simple. And I really like it, makes me think of putting one at home too. Or maybe I will be cooking at their dirty kitchen since we are neighbour. Haha!

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The dirty kitchen is almost done

Since I am the queen of the kitchen, I asked the father if we could have dirty kitchen.  I have requested it for months already but still no response from my father.  But I did not quit telling him because I want a ‘yes‘ answer from him.  It is so right that quitter never wins because my father finally say yes.  woohoo!  Soon our dirty kitchen will soon realized.  We have contacted the handyman who made our sink if he could construct our dirty kitchen.  Few weeks after my father agreed to build dirty kitchen and buying the materials that are needed, the constructions has started.

I am so excited to have concrete dirty kitchen.  I have watched the construction of it and makes me smile thinking that I soon I will have a place where no one will bother me while cooking.  The construction is almost done and I can visualized the look of our dirty kitchen.  I have picture it out where to put the gas range, the drawer where to put some kitchen wares and more.  The dirty kitchen is not so big at it is so simple, however, knowing that the kitchen stuffs are organized, it is more than enough.  If I have time, I will share an image of my simple dirty kitchen one day.

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